piątek, 2 listopada 2012

Evil Warlock

Chest - Watcher's Tunic (quest in Nagrand)

Legs - Cindercloth Pants (Tailoring)

Shoulders- Crimson Silk Shoulders (Tailoring)

Head - Whitemane's Chapeau (High Inquisitor Whitemane)

Gloves - Red Mageweave Gloves (Tailoring)

Boots - Black Mageweave Boots (Tailoring)

Weapon - Dignified Headmaster's Charge (Heirloom)

czwartek, 1 listopada 2012

Powerful Druid

(Travel Form) 
Head - Crown of Malorne (cost: Helm of the Fallen Defender)

(Flight Form)
Shoulder - Ironfeather Shoulders (Leatherworking)

(Cat Form)
Legs - Ceremonial Leather Loincloth (low drop rate in Ragefire Chasm)

(Bear Form)
Chest - Grizzly Jerkin (low drop rate in Ragefire Chasm)

(Aquatic Form)
Boots - Footpads of the Fang (Lord Serpentis)

(Tree of Life Form... :(. I liked it...)
Gloves - Natural Mender's Wraps (Auchenai Crypt)
Weapon - Staff of the Green Circle (level 20 druid quest)
Belt - Kirin'Var Scout's Belt (quest in Netherstorm)

środa, 31 października 2012


Head - Warp-Raider Eyepatch (quest in Netherstorm)

Chest - Dokebi Chestguard (low drop rate in Razorfen Kraul, better try to find it on AH)

Belt - Murloc Scale Belt ( Leatherworking)

Legs - Iceborne Leggings (Leatherworking)

Boots - for Alliance : Hero's Call : Redridge Mountains - Doody Boots, and for Horde: Mystery of the
Sarcen Stone in Azshara - Bottom-Warder Boots.

Wrist - Darkbrand Bracers (Leatherworking)

Gloves - Dark Leather Bracers (Leatherworking)

Weapon 1 - Coldrage Dagger (Ammenar the Coldbringer - Razorfen Downs)

Weapon 2 - Ogre Pocket Knife (Guard Fengus - Dire Maul)

poniedziałek, 29 października 2012

Mysterious Shadow Priest

Head - Shadoweave Mask (Tailoring)
Chest - Cat Lover's Vest (quest in Stranglethorn Vale)
Belt - Wisp-Chaser Cord (quest in Darkshore)
Legs - Barbaric Loincloth (Tailoting)
Boots - Black Mageweave Boots (Tailoring)
Bracers - Flameweave Cuffs (Lord Incendius in Blackrock Depths)
Gloves - Barbaric Cloth Gloves but they are hard to find, better replace them with - Aboriginal Gloves (Slagmaw in Ragefire Chasm) They're red, but still look good.
Weapon - Satyr Horn Staff (quest in Darkshore)

I've created this blog, beacause I had so many ideas for transmog, unfortunately, I'm not very rich in WoW, so I tought that someone can find a perfect set for his character and he/she will be happy ^^.
  So I hope it'll be a pleasure for you to read my blog and... well... enjoy!!